Chlamydia home test

Chlamydia home test


Test-Point Chlamydia home test.

It is a fast solution. Just in 15 minutes you will get the result.

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Test- Point Chlamydia home test.

Chlamydia hometest works with a simple swab, and is easy to use. The result can be obtained as reliable as with a laboratory test. Result in 15 minutes.

Test-Point home tests are all CE certified by KEMA Qaulity, and meet the highest standards of production.


Chlamydia is the most common STD. Chlamydia mostly comes without any symptoms. However, it can cause serious complications such as blindness and infertility. Also mothers can pass it easily to their newborns.


One product insert: product information and directions. One Individually pouched test (test device includes swab). Composition Reagent A: peptide 0,04%, buffer pH 8.3 74,1%, solvent 25,86%. Composition Reagent B: color developer 0,62%, HCL 3,7%, DI water 95,68%.

  • Do not open the packaging until you are ready to start the test.
  • Do not use after the expiration date printed on the box or packaging.
  • Do not perform this test during the menstrual period or if blood is spotting, as this will invalidate the test.
  • Do not use within 14 days of taking antibiotics.
  • Do not touch the swab tip or use if the swab tip is discoloured.
  • Do not use if either ampoule is empty of fluid.
  • Avoid contact with eyes, skin or clothes.
  • Keep out of reach from children.
  • For in vitro diagnostic use only, do not use orally.
  • Store the test in a dry place between 2C and 25C.
  • Do not reuse the test.
  • Check with your doctor if the test is negative but symptoms still persist.


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