Gonorrhea Home Test

Gonorrhea Home Test


Test-Point Gonorrhea home test.

Gonorrhea home test is meant for identifying Gonorrhea at home.

It is a fast solution. Just in 12 minutes you will get the result.

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Test-Point Gonorrhea home test.

Gonorrhea home test is meant for identifying Gonorrhea at home. It is a fast solution. Just in 12 minutes you will get the result.

Test-Point home tests are all CE certified by KEMA Qaulity, and meet the highest standards of production.


It is a common human sexually transmitted infection caused by the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhea The usual symptoms in women are asymptomatic half the time or have vaginal discharge and pelvic pain. If gonorrhea is left untreated, it may spread locally, causing epididymitis or pelvic inflammatory disease or throughout the body, affecting joints and heart valves.

How to collect the sample?

To take your own vaginal sample your hands need to be clean and dry.

  1. Remove the test from the pocuh packaging.
  2. Gently remove the swab from the tube by grasping the red capped end which is connected to the swab. DO NOT touch the swab tip with your fingers.
  3. The advised posture for collecting the sample is lying on your back.
  4. Insert swab into the vaginal canal approx 3-5 cm (about half way along the swab).
  5. Rub the swab firmly 5 times against all sides of the vaginal canal wall. Firm contact must be made for proper specimen collection.
  6. Improper collection may result in poor color change and may cause invalid results.
How to perform the test?
  1. Once the sample has been collected, insert the swab inot the large tube.
  2. Immediately release the Red end Reagent A (clear fluid) by squeezing close to the bottom of the ampoule. Squeeze twice more after breaking ampoule to release fluid.

Important, hold device upright so that Reagent A will run down the swab and cover the swab tip.

  1. Keep the device in the upright position (do not turn device upside down). Wait 10 minutes.
  2. After the 10 minutes, turn the device upside down.
  3. Immediately realease the Black end Reagent B (yellow fluid) by squeezing close to the bottom of the ampoule near the swab tip. Squeeze only once after breaking ampoule to release fluid. Do not use excess force or you may cause leakage. Fluid is not harmful and will only cause temporary staining (simply wash with soap and water). Keep the device upside down to allow Reagent B to soak into the swab tip.
  4. Allow between 1 and 2 minutes and then look for any blue color anywhere on the tip of the swab or in the fluffy pludget material next to the swab tip.

Waiting longer than 2 minutes may result in an incorrect result.


Any BLUE color is a positive result. If no blue color is present, then the test result is negative.


One product insert: product information and directions. One Individually pouched test (test device includes swab). Composition Reagent A: peptide 0,04%, buffer pH 8.3 74,1%, solvent 25,86%. Composition Reagent B: color developer 0,62%, HCL 3,7%, DI water 95,68%.

  • Do not open the packaging until you are ready to start the test.
  • Do not use after the expiration date printed on the box or packaging.
  • Do not perform this test during the menstrual period or if blood is spotting, as this will invalidate the test.
  • Do not use within 14 days of taking antibiotics.
  • Do not touch the swab tip or use if the swab tip is discoloured.
  • Do not use if either ampoule is empty of fluid.
  • Avoid contact with eyes, skin or clothes.
  • Keep out of reach from children.
  • For in vitro diagnostic use only, do not use orally.
  • Store the test in a dry place between 2C and 25C.
  • Do not reuse the test.
  • Check with your doctor if the test is negative but symptoms still persist.


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